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Barrett Farms also have a boisterous crew of Guinea Fowl. They are huge insect eaters and run around in large groups feasting on what ever is in the grass. The Guinea fowl were introduced to our customer base at the farmers markets and to select restaurants in 2010. They have become very popular and once you taste this rich juicy bird you will know why.

They lay a pointed thick shelled egg that weighs on average 1.4 ounces from early spring to late fall. The Guinea egg shell is much thicker than the chicken egg shell. When we say "You really have to whack them to crack them," we mean it. There is more yolk per white. The yolk is creamy and delicious. Pastry chefs love them because of the yolk. Many of our customers enjoy these tasty eggs for breakfast.

What Customers are Saying:

"We have always enjoyed the Clucky Plucky Chicken and thought we would walk on the wild side and try a CLUCKY PLUCKY GUINEA FOWL. It was delicious. The next week we bought another one."

~Customer from Napa